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Healthy Begins Now.

Integrative Wellness to Rebalance, Recharge and Regain Control.

Meet Martha Ramos

Owner and Founder

Natural Health Specialist

Specializing in Family Practice, Martha practices lifestyle medicine at Vitality Lifestyle & Wellness in Midland, Texas. Martha's passion comes from years in the medical industry as a Nurse Practitioner witnessing patients' deteriorating health with confined appointment times and little improvement. 


There had to be a better way for Martha to reach these patients on a deeper, more effective level. With that, the Vitality Lifestyle & Wellness was conceived.

Martha, along with a strong team of colleagues, opened Vitality for men and women to receive the medical care that they deserve, all under one roof.


How We're Different

Each person's health journey is unique - so why settle with medical care that treats you the same?

We take the time. The first  thing we do is schedule an in-person consultation to fully review your medical history, goals and current health status or concerns.

We get to know your body.

Evaluation and testing are the second step to developing a full understanding of your physical, mental and emotional needs. 

We develop a customized plan. We will gather the data from our consultation and evaluation to develop a customized plan.

We're with you every step of the way. We have continuous check-ins, calls, and appointments in our facility to stay on track, monitor your progress and help you accomplish your goals. Your goals are our goals, and we invest our time and energy in you just as you do!

We're a full suite of integrative health.

Remaining healthy is a holistic, integrative process - which is why we have a variety of services to help you get there and stay there!

Your success is our success.

Because we aren't an insurance-based practice, our bottom line solely relies on the success of our patients. Our promise to you is to invest our complete arsenal of knowledge and give you the tools to succeed.


“I can’t say how thankful I am to have met Martha! She took the time to listen to my problems and found a way to help me find what worked for me.  She has truly changed my life! I am feeling better, eating better, sleeping better and finally enjoying my life. She is amazing!”

— V.S.

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5105 Sunmore Circle, Suite A

Midland, Texas 79707

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